Thursday, September 06, 2007

time for an update

Well, I guess it's time for an update, although there's not really much to update about. Tom has started back at school, here's a picture of him on his first day:
So far his classes are ok, but this week has been difficult because he's in the middle of interviews for next summer. So far he has interviewed at 6 firms and he has one more interview tomorrow (all of the firms are in LA). Last night he didn't get home until 11pm because he went to dinner with one of the firms. He was exhausted, but hopefully the dinner invitation was a good sign.

We are loving our new apartment, but we haven't really done any decorating. The walls are completely blank, but we just keep saying to each other how much we like being here. We have been particularly thankful for our air conditioning for this last week because it has been ridiculously hot outside (well, ridiculously hot for LA). I can't believe we survived our old place with no AC in August.

The bus is getting us to and from school, but it's amazing how different the bus can be from one day to the next. I took the bus regularly in college, but the bus in LA is a totally different story. On rare occasion there are seats available, but usually the bus is so crowded that you can hardly move and you end up standing next to someone who smells horrible and then you have to fight your way through the crowd to get to the exit. That is probably because I take the bus at two of the busiest time of the day (8am and 5pm), but we are grateful that we don't have to drive and park in Westwood. We even get to take the bus together sometimes which makes it much more bearable.

In other news. . . HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY KARA :) My sister turned 21 yesterday. Wow, I can't believe she's 21. Also, my stepbrother got his mission call to Philadelphia and he's going to be leaving in December, Congratulations Tyson. And my two youngest sister (who we refer to as the "little girls" in my family) started back to school recently and they're both in middle school, Carly is in 8th grade and Kelly is in 7th grade. That's crazy. I feel really old.

I will leave you with this lovely image. The other day Tom walked in and sat on the couch next to me. He pulled up the leg of his shorts to reveal this. He must have been really bored.