Friday, May 20, 2011

Harper update

I have had several people comment to me lately how much better Harper's scars are looking, so I thought I'd do a little update on her.
The scars are pretty faded and not very noticeable.  I haven't had a stranger ask me what happened in a few weeks, although Harper mentions the incident frequently.  She doesn't seem too traumatized but if she sees a picture of her right after the dog bite she gets upset.  Here's a photo comparing how she looked the day of the dog bite, two weeks later, and then a zoomed in version of the above photo which was taken 2 months later.  It's amazing how fast she has healed.
You can see the scar on her nose, the long one on her upper lip, a couple of punctures on her upper lip, and then she has a small scar on the edge of her bottom lip.  The plastic surgeon told me that the most difficult part about repairing an injury like this is getting her lip lined up exactly right.  She did a great job.

Harper is such a sweet (and crazy) girl and such a great big sister.  This is Jonah and Harper at the park yesterday.
Jonah pretty much thought this was the best thing in the whole world.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Santa Monica with the Pedrozas

We got to see the Pedrozas two weekends in a row!  They came to LA on Saturday to use a Groupon at the Santa Monica Pier, and we joined them for a couple of rides and dinner.  
Tom took the kids on a couple rides.  Harper loved this one. . .
 And was, once again, terrified by this one . . .
Both kids were fascinated by the ocean.

And John took a family photo of us.  Just pretend that we took the time to take Jonah out of the carrier and that he was actually looking at the camera.
After this crazy fun-filled day, which began with her friend Kate's birthday party, Harper was exhausted.  We had to wake her up at 8:40 this morning so that we could make it to church and then we came home and she took a 4 hour nap.  Sounds like the Pedrozas need to visit more often!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I just got a new computer and it took me a few days to get switched over.  We really haven't been up to much.  Jonah is crawling like a little maniac.
And is as jolly and happy as ever.  He loves the swings at the park.
Tom likes to call Harper our "feral child" because she is crazy and her hair is always sticking up in every direction.  Last year we had an issue that when her eczema was really itchy she would tug on her hair and she ended up with quite the bald spot.  The hair has been growing back for a while now, but she has this crazy patch the likes to stick up.  Apparently it gets particularly bad after going to bed with wet hair.
On Mother's Day we went to Tom's aunt and uncle's house in Redlands with Tom's parents, cousin's family, and sister's family.  Harper had a blast playing with the kids.  They played with pretend snacks . .  .
and real snakes. . .
Harper has talked about the snake and asked about Savannah, Ella, and AJ about 75 times today.

I even got one of my children to sit still long enough to have their photo taken with me.
Thank you Cannons for inviting us over, we had a great time!