Saturday, October 31, 2009


Luckily, Tom and Harper recovered from the swine flu in time for Halloween festivities which was good because we had a lot going on this year.
Yesterday morning we decorated cookies at the musicmakers class that our ward has on Friday morning. Since Harper will rarely try anything new that she hasn't seen come out of a plastic wrapper, I actually had to convince her to try a cookie. But after one bite she was a big fan.
Harper was a skeleton for Halloween this year. I actually made her a ballerina costume which she wouldn't let us put on her, so good thing I got her these skeleton pj's earlier this week as a backup. They glow in the dark.

Last night we went to a Halloween party at Tom's firm. It was really great. We walked around and got candy from different offices and then had a nice dinner. Sadly, I forgot the camera.

Tonight was our ward's trunk or treat. Harper doesn't really understand the whole walk around and get candy idea, she just wanted to eat the candy. Maybe next year. Here she is with her cute little friend Kate playing in a bowl of soup. Kate had the cutest little lawn gnome costume that her mom made.
Now for the best part of Halloween: eating all of Harper's candy :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


It appears that this guy is now rampaging Harper and Daddy right now. Snort. Poor little Harper just wants to be held, and that is strange for someone who is not a snuggler. She even said yes when asked if she was ready for her mid-morning nap earlier today. (Harper has never actually said yes to a nap before.) This is day five for her not feeling well. She had a fever of 103.4 two days ago. She just moaned, mooooommeeeeeeee, over and over again. It looks like her fever has come down somewhat, but she still has one. Hopefully this passes by us both in the near future. On the plus side - no need to worry about vaccine shortages.

Hopefully Mommy doesn't get infected. She has proven more resilient to viruses in the past.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the last two weeks

I have been getting some complaints from our families that they want more updates, but now that Tom is working and we have less time to do activities, Harper and I taking a trip to Target doesn't seem blog-worthy. So here is what we've been doing:

Visit from the Pedrozas
Last week Denise, John, and AJ visited us in our new apartment. Harper had fun playing with her cousin, and the rest of us enjoyed chatting and eating lunch at the Farmer's Market.
Harper started eating some fruit
This may not seem like a big deal, but we have really struggled with getting Harper to eat foods other than yogurt and cheese crackers. I don't know if she just got hungry or if she is having pity on me, but she will now eat grapes, melon, and oranges. Yay! Now we just need to get her to eat some vegetables. Here she is with a mouth full of grapes.Harper started nursery
Ok, we snuck her in a few days early, but Harper started nursery today. She seemed to do really well and didn't have a problem being left, so hopefully that continues. It sure made church more enjoyable for me and Tom. They even said she ate some strawberries. Why can't I get her to eat strawberries? We didn't get a photo, so instead here is a photo of Harper with her purse on her head. I asked her to "put it on," but instead of putting it on her shoulder she tried to put it over her head. Silly girl. Here are a couple miscellaneous pictures.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Photos from today

Harper and I usually walk over to Tom's office at the end of the day to walk home with him. It is a luxury we probably won't always be able to enjoy as work gets busier, but it has been fun. While we are waiting Harper likes to run around in the courtyard and today Tom got some cute photos.