Thursday, November 15, 2012

A day in the life...

We decided to take Daddy along to drop Harper off at school this morning and then go grab some breakfast.  Here are a few photos we took to remind ourselves of these days before they pass us by.

Heading out to school.  Harper has a rough time with her eczema when the air gets drier and colder.  Her eyes are puffier and she has splotches on her face and body.

Harper doesn't seem to care about the eczema and she demonstrates her latest "here I am" pose, which she busts out when she knows a photo is coming.

Norra Sterry Elementary.  We had to apply to get it in, but unlike a lot of preschools in LA this one was free.

 Waiting for her teacher, Ms. Ana.

 Also waiting for teacher.

 I am Spiderman!  I'm also very serious at times.

 On the way to the car, we decide to get a photo of Daddy.

After we drop Harper off it is time for breakfast in Westwood.

On being told he is having pancakes.

 This man is ready for some pancakes (and they appear to be on their way).


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All About The Benjamins

As I shut the front door behind me on my way to work today Harper (age 4) told me to "go get the monies Daddy."

It looks like she has finally realized where all the candy and toys in her life have come from.