Sunday, June 27, 2010

a couple of things. . .

There are a couple of things I forgot to mention about Jonah's delivery.

First of all, there was actually an earthquake while I was in labor.  It was in San Diego so we were pretty far away from it, but it rolled my hospital bed around quite a bit since we were on the 4th floor of the hospital. 

Also, there was a very interesting naming trend among my nurses.  The two nurses that I had while I was in labor were named Melody (my mom's name) and Terri (my dad's girlfriend's name) and my nurse the next day was named Doris (my mother-in-law's name).  I thought it was a strange coincidence. 

And also a few of things about Jonah.

He has a really cute dimple in his left cheek.
Jonah is a really great baby.  Since he came home from the hospital he wakes up a couple times at night, eats, and goes right back to sleep.  Amazing.
Harper loves to give Jonah lots of hugs and kisses and she calls him either "baby" or "baby's Jonah."  It's really cute.
Jonah eats A LOT.  Much more than Harper ate at this age and probably about as much as Harper eats now.  At least it seems like it.

Everything so far is going great, except that my Mom left today and tomorrow will be my first day alone with 2 kids.  I'm a little nervous!

Baby Shower

A couple weeks ago my friend Jean threw me a great baby shower.  It was wonderful to be able to get together with my friends and relax and hang out before Jonah was born.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped out and who came. 
Here is some of the delicious food:
This is me with my friend Rachel who is due in a couple of weeks and who is also having a boy.
And here is Kristen, Morgan, and Jen.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zimmer Museum

A couple weeks ago we went on a little field trip with some friends to the Zimmer Museum.  I can't believe we have never gone before because Harper loved it.  They had all kinds of fun things geared toward kids her age like an airplane.
A water table.
An ambulance.
As well as lots of play food and other things.  We will definitely be making a trip back to the Zimmer.


A week before Jonah was born we were able to make a trip to Disneyland.  Tom has had the opportunity to be a mentor for a summer associate at his firm and we were able to spend the day with his mentee and his family. 

Harper has become quite fond of their little boy, Konrad.  Here is a photo of them playing at our house a few weeks ago.
Unfortunately I failed at taking photos at Disneyland.  I did run into a good friend from high school, Mike, who I hadn't seen since our wedding reception.
Harper LOVED all of the rides and seeing her favorite characters.  We will have to make another trip soon when I am less pregnant.

Park trip

A couple of weeks ago Tom and I took Harper to the park.  She LOVES the park and is constantly asking to go, but towards the end of my pregnancy it was totally wearing me out to take her.   Here are some photos from our trip.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's 50th birthday and she is here spending her day with us.  I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful mother.  We have had a good time hanging out over the last couple weeks and I don't know what I'm going to do when she leaves. 

We spent the morning hanging out at home.  After Harper's "nap" (she never fell asleep, we're having a battle over naps lately) we headed out to the park. 
And then went to dinner at El Cholo. 
My Mom was very excited that my brother Chase, who is on a mission right now in Texas, sent her birthday card here so she could have it on time.  She also loved these wonderful flowers that my stepdad and sisters sent today:
And instead of cake she requested her favorite ice cream:
We are sure going to miss her when we she leaves on Sunday.  I love you Mom!

what we've been up to

We have been dealing with jaundice.  Look at those yellow eyes. 
Thankfully he's all better now.

Blowing bubbles with Grandma.
Going to see Toy Story 3 with Daddy.  Here is Harper in her 3D glasses.
Giving lots of kisses to Jonah.

Sleeping.  I have actually been getting quite a bit, courtesy of Jonah's jaundice which has made him very tired.

Harper loves to brush her teeth.  When you tell her it's bedtime she says, "toothpaste."
Spending time at the park.
And hanging out at home. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning how to focus...

More Jonah

Now that we're home I thought I'd share a few more photos and a little about Jonah's birth. Since I had to have a c-section with Harper because she was breech, I was hoping to avoid the c-section this time and I am happy to say that we were successful.

On Friday of last week I started to have occasional, but not very painful, contractions about every 15 minutes. This made me nervous since my Mom wasn't planning on getting here until Tuesday and even though I have some wonderful friends who I completely trust who had offered to watch Harper, I knew that I would feel better if my Mom was here to be with her. So my amazing Mother switched her ticket and came out on Saturday.

After a couple more days of contractions, I was beginning to worry that she had changed her ticket for nothing and that the baby wouldn't be here any time soon. But Monday afternoon I was taking a nap and my water broke. My contractions immediately got a little more painful and frequent, but I was feeling good enough to pick up Tom from work so he could drive me to the hospital. When we arrived I was at 4cm and feeling okay; the midwife asked if I was planning on getting an epidural. I said that I probably would be but I was planning on holding out for a while, but when the midwife asked why I was doing that, I said that was a good question and I would take the epidural as soon as they would give it to me. That was a great decision.

The epidural was amazing. According to my nurse, not everyone has such a great experience, but mine was amazing. For the past few weeks I have had terrible pain in my hips and back. The epidural totally got rid of that in addition to the pain from the contractions and I was able to relax and get the best sleep I'd had in months. I was so relaxed that when I was checked a little while later I was at 9cm. Yay!

I will save you all of the details, but after 2 hours of pushing Jonah arrived at 2:56am on June 15th. He weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21.5 inches long.

Here is a photo of me with Harper and Jonah the next day when Harper and my Mom came to visit:
So far Harper seems to really like him for a few minutes at a time and then pretty much pretends like Jonah doesn't exist.
Harper had fun goofing off with Daddy in the hospital room.
And also stealing my hospital bed so she could watch cartoons.
My Mom enjoyed holding her newest grandson.And Jonah enjoyed sleeping during the day and keeping me up most of the night.
Here's Tom with Jonah while we were waiting FOREVER to be discharged from the hospital.Jonah in his carseat.
Harper giving Jonah some hugs when we got home from the hospital.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jonah Thomas Jackman

Born June 15th at 2:56AM
8 lbs 6 Oz