Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's true . . .

Ok, yes, we're going to have a baby and we're very excited :) I am due April 28th which puts me at about 13 weeks. I haven't been too sick most of the time, but I have definitely had a few bad days. Tom was very kind one day last week to pick me up from work because I was afraid I was going to throw up on the bus. We are definitely planning on finding out the sex of the baby and we should find out sometime in December.

We spent last night in Bakersfield visiting Tom's parents. Driving back this morning we saw huge clouds of smoke coming up from the Malibu fire and as we were passing by a fire was starting up right next to the freeway. I took a few pictures with my cell phone. By the time we were approaching LA the sky was filled with smoke. It was really eerie.

Since I have been neglecting the blog, here are a couple of catch-up things.

Here is a very forlorn looking photo of Tom in front of his office when he was working at Irell over the summer (sorry, it was taken with my cell phone). He had his own little name plate and everything.

Speaking of law firms, over the last couple weeks we have gone to receptions for both Irell and Hogan. This was the first time I met anyone from Hogan and I was really impressed with how nice everyone was. The Irell reception was really great because we got to see several of the people that Tom got to work with over the summer. It was wonderful to see how well Tom had gotten to know so many people and how well he fit in with everyone. Anyway, here's a picture from our little party favor from the Hogan reception.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hurray for Tom

We are very excited beecause yesterday Tom accepted a job for next summer. The firm is called Hogan & Hartson and it is actually right across the street from the firm he worked at last summer. To read more about the firm/summer program, click here or here.

I haven't posted in a while because, well, there hasn't really been anything to post. I go to work every day, Tom goes to school every day, and we spend the weekend trying to recover from work and school. Usually the most interesting part of the day is the bus ride to and from UCLA, but that's the bad kind of interesting. Since I don't have anything interesting to report, I guess I'll just ramble on about something for a little bit so feel free to quit reading at this point.

So recently Tom and I reached our 18 month anniversary and I have been thinking about all of the random events that led to us meeting. During the spring term of 2005 I went on a study abroad to Europe. I intended to return to Provo afterward to take summer term classes, but I hadn't arranged housing for when I got back. I spent some time looking up some open contracts online and, since my sister Kara was living in Provo at the time and she owed me money, I sent her around to check out the places and put down a deposit. She chose this little house that was pretty close to campus.

Because I didn't know anyone in the ward, I decided that for summer term I would go up to Salt Lake every weekend and go to my parent's ward. By the time fall semester came around, I decided I should probably go to my student ward. At this point I had a full blown case of mono and was very tired all of the time. I got ready for church, sat down on my couch, and proceeded to sleep through relief society and Sunday school. When I woke up I still had time for sacrament meeting, so I walked up to campus and up to the second floor of the MARB. Unfortunately, I had no idea which room our sacrament meeting was in, but there were these two guys standing outside one of the doors so I asked them which ward was in the room behind them and what time sacrament meeting started. The guys were Tom and his roommate Deuce and they were late for church because they had stayed home with their sick roommate, so we snuck into the back of sacrament meeting and sat together.

This was the week before general conference, so I knew that I wouldn't see Tom again for a couple weeks. I went home and asked my roommates about him, and waited patiently the two weeks until I would see him again. We sat together at church again that week and we have been together ever since.

Sorry, that was kind of long, but I was just thinking that if my sister hadn't chosen that house for me or we hadn't both been late for church that week, I might not be sitting here typing this up when I'm supposed to be working :)