Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cafe Rio + Park

Tom has been pretty busy lately at work and the kids have really been missing him, since he is frequently not home before they go to bed, so we made an effort to get out of the house and do something fun today.  We went down to Manhattan Beach to Cafe Rio and then to a nearby park to play for a little bit.

Notice in the last photo that Jonah is a little short on teeth. Until a couple of days ago he only had six teeth (most of his little friends his age have a mouthful), and we have been amazed at what he can eat without molars.  But last week the top two molars broke through and this week he got two on the bottom.
These guys love Cafe Rio tortillas.
I only got one photo of Harper, oops.
Tom was getting annoyed that I was taking pictures.
Jonah loves to go down the slide.  He will sit at the top and say, "Two, three, wee!"
Jonah saw this, thought it was a ball, and kept trying to pick it up.  He was not successful.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I haven't been posting much because we haven't been doing much.

Jonah is now 19 months and he is such a little motor mouth.  He is constantly jabbering nonsense, with an occasional word thrown in.  He now says things like I see you, snack, sock, shoe, show, yuck, love you, car, truck, choo choo, up, down, out, etc.  He can probably say 30-40 different words right now and he makes good use of them.

Whenever he sees an open door or something he says "BEEP!" really loud.  At first I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say, but when we close a door and he is in the way we say "beep beep beep" so he will move.  He is constantly saying BEEP and then closing something.

Jonah has taken after his Daddy and loves burritos.
He LOVES Daddy.  In fact he is standing right next to me and when he saw this picture he gasped and yelled "Daddy!"

A couple of weeks ago we went out for Chinese food and discovered that both kids are big fans of orange chicken.  Harper will eat so few foods that it is always exciting to find something new for her to eat, even if it is just a slightly different version of another food she likes.  We told her they were orange chicken nuggets.
Other than that we haven't been doing much.  Tom has been pretty busy at work and the kids and I are headed to Utah next week.

In preparation for the trip I finished this bag the other day.  It involved a lot of bent pins, bloody fingers, and sore shoulders, but it is done and it is huge.  I am excited to take it to Utah, I just hope it doesn't fall apart on the way there!

Monday, January 09, 2012

First day of primary

Someone was VERY excited to be a sunbeam!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011: The year in which I made a bunch of stuff

This year I have spent a lot of my free time working on some sewing projects.  When I was going through our photos for the previous post, I came across photos of some of my projects that I haven't shared so I thought I'd go through what I worked on this year.  
I made this at the beginning of the year to keep in the living room because Tom said our other blankets were too small.
Quilt for Harper.
I made this for Harper's friend for her birthday.
I made this for no particular reason, but it has turned out to be a good play-on-the-floor quilt for Jonah.
Zipper pouch I made for Harper's crayons.
I made these little bags for Harper to give to her cousins when we had a little family reunion in June.
University of Utah quilt
Quilt for my cousin's baby.
Jonah's birthday present.  My grandparents bought the fabric, I made the quilt.
Twin quilt for Harper's bed.  
Queen size quilt for our bed.  
Quilt I made for myself.  It is only half-quilted because I got busy with Christmas stuff.
Advent calendar.
Christmas stockings.  I made the kids' last year, and miraculously finished mine and Tom's on Christmas Eve this year.  I will have to add our names next year.
Tree skirt. 
I made this for one of Tom's co-workers who just had a baby.  I finished binding it earlier this evening.
That's pretty much it.  I also made a quilt for my brother when he came home from his mission but I never took a picture of it.  I will have to get one when I am in Utah later this month.

I am looking forward to doing some more sewing in 2012 :)  By the end of the year our apartment might be overflowing with quilts.

2011 review

2011 was a very good year for us and I spent some time today going through some of our photos for the year.  Here are some of my favorites, roughly in order.
San Diego Zoo
Harper, post-dog bite, eating her favorite food (chicken nuggets)
Jonah trying to figure out the whole crawling thing.
This girl loves frosting.  Harper at her 3rd birthday party.
We did a little co-op preschool at the beginning of the year.  This is  Harper with the other kids, Christian, Addy, Harper, Zoey, and Jack.
My favorite picture of Jonah. 
Harper in Park City after spending all day on the Alpine Slide.
Family photo in Utah.
Jonah eating his first birthday cake.
Harper and her sparkly shoes on UCLA campus.
Gelato with Grandma while in Utah.
Waiting for Daddy at work.
Family photo at Holmby Park.
Jonah at Tyson's wedding.
Tinkerbell and her BFF Alice in Wonderland.
Christmas outfits in Venice.
This boy loves the Apple store.  Must run in the family.