Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jonah's hair was looking more and more like a really bad comb over, so we decided it was time for a haircut. 
I loved all of his hair but he looks so cute with it cut.  Plus, his bald spot is now a lot less obvious.  But it's still pretty obvious.
And here's a little cheesy grin from Harper.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


We went to Redlands this year for Thanksgiving with some of Tom's family.  We had really, really yummy food and got to visit with family.  Harper must have had a great time because she was asking about Aunt Judy's house all day today.

It was great to see everyone, and to introduce most of them to Jonah for the first time.  He loved the attention and the kids were happy to see Grandma and Gramps.

Harper had fun playing with her second cousins Savannah and Ella.
Somehow we managed not to get pictures of anyone else, but Tom did get one of the turkey.  Yum. 
Speaking of food, Jonah is loving solid food these days.  He can eat eight ounces in one sitting and still act like he wants more.  I don't think he is going to have any trouble passing up Harper in weight very soon.  
I did get up and do a little Black Friday shopping this morning while Tom watched the kids.  It actually wasn't too crazy and I was able to get several things, but now I am exhausted.  I think next year I am going to stick to buying things online. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Months / 31 months

Our little chunk is 5 months old.  Lately . . .
  • He loves grabbing his toes.  He has been trying to do it for a while, but he couldn't quite reach over his giant belly until recently.
  • He loves to put everything in his mouth, especially my fingers.  He has gotten really good at holding onto things.
  • He is now sleeping in the same room as Harper.  I have been nervous about this for a while, so he has been sleeping in the living room at night, but I decided that it was time to give it a shot.  It has gone much better than I anticipated.  Both kids even slept until 8am today.
  • He has started eating some solid food.  I haven't given it to him regularly, but a couple of times he has seemed hungry after he has eaten, so I have given him a few bites of mashed avocado.  He was a big fan.
  • He always gets a huge grin on his face when he looks at Harper.  When Harper sees that she usually says, "Baby Jonah is happy to see you."  
  • This is probably too much information, but he blows out of diapers all of the time.  At least once a day.  Usually twice.  We have tried all kinds of diapers in all kinds of sizes, and he still blows out of them.  
  • He loves to blow raspberries back and forth.  He will blow a raspberry, and then I will do one, and that can go on for a long time.  He thinks it's very funny.
  • He has completely given up on tummy time and will roll onto his back within a few seconds of me putting him on his stomach.  He will sometimes try to roll onto his tummy from his back, but he hasn't been successful. 
  • He continues to be very jolly.  When people see him, they usually either comment that he is very big or that he is very happy.  Both are true.

Harper is acting so grown up these days. 
  • She is definitely a Daddy's girl.  

  • She loves to be a helper.  When I say that I am going to change Jonah, she will bring me a diaper and say, "Harper is Mommy's helper."  
  • She is getting better at identifying letters of the alphabet.  We were waiting in line at Costco today and she correctly identified most of the letters in "Costco Wholesale" that are printed on the front of the cart.  I was surprised at how many she could name.
  • She is really enjoying reading.  When I put her down for a nap she likes to have a stack of books next to her to read until she falls asleep.  
  • She is getting a little better about trying some new foods.  It usually takes some negotiating and bribing, but at least it is progress!
  • We are working with a dermatologist and are making a little bit of progress on her eczema.  This is not the first dermatologist that we have seen, but it is the first one that I have liked.  
  • We have made no progress on potty training.  Harper is afraid of the potty, so I'm going to wait a little while until we try.  She is extremely stubborn and I am not ready to battle with her.
  • She loves to snuggle.  Harper was not a snuggly baby, so this has been lots of fun.  

Monday, November 08, 2010

Conversation with Harper

We have had this conversation several times over the last few days:

Harper- what is that?
Me- what is what?
Harper- my stomach! It's talking!
Me- what does it say?
Harper- it says it's hungry. My stomach is hungry!

Saturday, November 06, 2010


We decided to give Jonah his Christmas present early so he could get more use out of it, so we got him a jumperoo this week.  He LOVES it.  He is tall so he can already touch the ground in it (we had to put a little stack of books under Harper's feet in the jumperoo so she could touch the ground) and he just bounces all over the place. 
 Here is a comparison shot of Harper and Jonah.  I think that Harper was about 4 months, 2 weeks old in this picture and Jonah is about 4 months, 3 weeks old (you can click on the picture to make it bigger).
Tom's mother gave Harper a headband and some bows a few weeks ago when we were in Bakersfield.  Harper likes to wear them all at once.  Thank you, she loves them!
 And here is one more of Jonah, just because I love those chubby cheeks!  He doesn't love tummy time, but he tolerates and can kind of scoot in a circle when he is on his stomach.