Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back in LA

We've been back in LA for about an hour now. We have unloaded the car and Tom is playing a video game he got from my parents for Christmas. He actually drove the ENTIRE way back because I didn't sleep well last night and I have to work tomorrow. Considering how exhausted I feel right now, I can only imagine how tired he must be.

Christmas day was great. We spent the morning at my mom's house opening presents, playing Mad Gab, and eating cinnamon roles, followed by the afternoon at my dad's house.

Tuesday was mostly spent running errands all over Salt Lake. Since many stores aren't very accessible to us in LA (because of traffic and because we hardly know where anything is), we were able to take care of some errands and pick up a few things we needed. That evening we had dinner with Tom's brother Brent and his wife Miranda and their two daughters. It was really good to see them since we haven't had a chance since our wedding.

The drive back today was okay. We left around 9:30am and only had to deal with a little rain and a little traffic. It was great to visit family, but it is also nice to be back in our own place. Here are a few pictures from the rest of our trip:

1. My brother (Chase) posing for a picture while we waited for my sister (Kara) to fix her hair before we opened pictures on Christmas morning
2. Tom posing for a picture while we waited for Kara to fix her hair
3. Kara making her grand entrance
4. Carly and Kelly opening presents
5. Tyson modeling on the couch
6. Girls playing Mad Gab
7. Guys playing Mad Gab
8. In front of my dad's
9-10. With Tom's brother and family
11. My silhouette in front of my parent's mostly-lit house

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well, we have had a very eventful last couple days. We left LA at 4am yesterday and arrived in Salt Lake at 5pm last night to a full house. My mom's family was having our family Christmas party and the house was packed with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins when we arrived. We did a gift exchange and enjoyed a nice dinner. It was very nice to see my family. I feel like my little sisters have grown six inches since the last time I saw them.

Later that evening we got a call that my sister Aubrie was in labor. Since Tom and I were exhausted we went to bed instead of heading over to the hospital, but we were woken up around 5am to be told that she had given birth at 3:35am on Christmas Eve to Hailey Elizabeth.

Sunday we woke up early to go to my parent's ward. Afterwards we headed down to Orem to visit Tom's grandmother. We had enjoyed visiting her frequently while we were living in Provo over the summer, so we delighted to be able to visit with her on our brief little trip.

Afterwards we made our way over to the hospital to visit Aubrie. Hailey is sooooo cute. She was very still and quiet (but I'm sure that won't last too long). Pictures included below.

We then visited with my step-grandparents in Murray (which was near the hospital) and then came home for a lovely prime rib dinner. Tom and I have (essentially) given up eating red meat so we were a little apprehensive of the meal, but it was delicious

Now we are relaxing. My sister Kara (who just finished cosmetology school) just gave me a much-needed hair cut and she is currently trimming Tom's. The next couple days should be just as busy as the last so I will try to update this week after we get back to LA.

1. goofy picture of me with my mom and Eric (sorry, didn't take the time to fix the red eyes)
2. me with my grandparents (my grandmother fell down the stairs the other day, she doesn't usually look that bruised)
3. My cousin Hayley hugging a little Santa Claus
4. Tom and I with his grandmother in Orem
5. My new niece
6. Me holding my new niece

Friday, December 15, 2006

end of semester

Well, not quite. Tom has one more final on Monday. He is pretty much in agony at this point trying to prepare since he has been taking finals for close to three weeks. We're not sure when he will receive his grades, but I am very proud of how hard he has been working and how much he has learned. Also. . . . Tom's birthday is this Wednesday. He is so old. Practically ancient. Twenty-four.

We are planning to spend Christmas in Utah. We will be leaving LA on Saturday morning and will spend a few family-filled days in the Salt Lake area. I imagine that we will need to dig our coats out of storage since the temperature hasn't dipped much under 60 since we've been here. New Years, on the other hand, will probably be spent wandering around Westwood. Since all new UCLA employees are on probation for their first 6 months and can't take vacation days, we have to hurry home. Though while we are there, my sister Aubrie (who is about eight and a half months pregnant) may add a new member to the family. It could be a very exciting, short little trip.