Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of our Utah trip and Harper's first haircut

We made it home and Harper has been so happy to see Tom. She has given him non-stop hugs since we got home. Here are the photos from the last couple days of our trip.

This is Harper pretending to be asleep on the floor. She thinks that this is hilarious, but she doesn't understand that she is supposed to close her eyes. Harper got her first haircut. It doesn't look much different, just a little less like a mullet. Thanks Kara!Yesterday we all went to breakfast with my brother, Tyson, who I hadn't seen since he got home from his mission. Harper was very happy with some of these delicious chocolate-chip pancakes.My Mom and Harper.Tyson and Kara.Kara and Carly.Harper, Kelly, Kara, and Carly.My Mom and Kara. How did Kara end up in almost all of the pictures?Kara pushing Harper on the swing.My Mom and Harper playing with blocks.It's good to be home but we had a great time in Utah and miss everyone already!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

family visits

Yesterday we got together with my Mom's family and ate at Cafe Rio. I didn't take any pictures and I'm so sad, so if any of my cousins took pictures they better send them. We actually saw Orrin Hatch at Cafe Rio. I love getting together with everyone. Harper was very entertaining and did plenty of dancing and singing.

Today I spent the morning at my Dad's apartment. Here is Harper playing on his couch.And here she is hanging out with my Dad.I took Harper back to my Mom's to take a nap, and after Carly and Kelly got out of school we went to Wheeler Farm. Harper loved all of the geese and ducks and chickens and cows.
Someone gave us some bread to feed the chickens. After a few minutes we realized that Harper was eating the bread instead of feeding them.I have some beautiful sisters.
And then we got back together with my Dad for some yummy dinner. Thanks Dad!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Since I am in Utah and Tom is in California, Valentine's Day this year has been postponed. I spent the day at stake conference with my parents and then my sister, Aubrie, and her family came over for dinner.

First, here are a couple cell phone photos from yesterday.Harper snuggling with Carly on the couch.Harper loves standing on the vents when the heat is on.Playing with aunt Kelly before stake conference.
Harper loved playing with her cousin Hailey. After dinner we gave Harper and Hailey each a little bowl of goldfish to have as a snack. Since Harper LOVES goldfish, hers were gone in about two minutes but Hailey set hers down after she ate a few. Harper picked Hailey's bowl up and I told her several times that was Hailey's bowl. Harper tried to give the bowl to Hailey, but she didn't take it. So Harper picked up her bowl, transferred the goldfish from Hailey's bowl to her own, and then started eating them. I guess she thought that the ownership only referred to bowl, not the goldfish inside.

Here is cute Gavin. And Harper and Hailey eating their goldfish.Harper has just discovered "pretending." She thinks it's really funny to lay down with a blanket, say "night night," and pretend to snore.This is Harper dancing with Eric and Kelly before church this morning.

It was no fun to be away from Tom on Valentine's day. He is such an amazing husband and father and, even though we are having lots of fun in Utah, we are looking forward to going home.

Friday, February 12, 2010

more Utah pictures

Well, it looks like I have already failed at posting photos every day.

Harper adores my sisters. Here she is playing with Carly yesterday.Today we have been taking it easy. We spent the morning playing on the swings and watching cartoons. Two of Harper's favorite things.
Last night I went to dinner with my former roommate, Erin, who I haven't seen in forever and we had a blast. We ate at Bombay House. It was sooooo good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're in Utah

Well, we made it. The flight was. . . interesting. Harper got mad that she couldn't get out of our seat and started screaming and spilling goldfish everywhere, but we survived.

The whole way from the airport Harper kept saying "doggies, doggies," and she does love the doggies. I'm just not sure how much they love her. Since everyone was at work or school today, Harper and I ran a couple of errands, spent some time outside, and visited my lovely Mom on her lunch.And then we hung out at home for the rest of the evening. I also got to help Carly with her chemistry homework, which I always enjoy but I think I get on Carly's nerves. Here's Harper with Carly and Kelly.I told Tom I'd try to post some photos every day that we're gone, so watch out for lots of blog posts over the next couple weeks.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Culver City

Tom didn't have to work on Saturday so we went to downtown Culver City to do some walking around.I sure do have a handsome husband :)And then we shared an ice cream from Coldstone. It was really funny because we gave Harper this tiny, sample-sized spoon and she kept "eating" with it even though she was only getting a little bit of ice cream each time she dipped it in. She loved it. Well, I guess we all loved it. Yum. And now Harper and I are off to Utah for almost 2 weeks. We sure are going to miss Tom!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me :)

My birthday was on the 31st so we celebrated after church by having some cupcakes and by watching a movie together. Harper had actually never seen a movie before, so we decided to watch The Little Mermaid and she LOVED it. And I will admit, Tom and I both really like it too. It's a great movie. And then we had some cupcakes. Harper is such a picky eater, she wouldn't even try a cupcake.
But she was more than willing to eat some frosting. This girl is definitely related to me.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Weekend in Bakersfield

We went up to Bakersfield this weekend to visit Tom's parents. It has been a LONG time since we have visited and Tom didn't have too much work this weekend so we took advantage of the opportunity. We also took advantage of the giant avocado tree in their backyard and came home with a giant bag of avocados. Yum.

While we were there Harper loved playing in their backyard. Poor girl spends most of her "outside time" playing on our little balcony. Because of our trip on Saturday and our 12-3 church time on Sunday, Harper didn't nap all weekend. So today when I put her down, I kept hearing all kinds of noises coming out of her room. I checked on her three separate times and she was counting her toes, standing on her baby doll bouncing up and down, and then throwing all of the toys out of the crib and saying "uh-oh." Finally I just checked on her and she was asleep. Silly girl.