Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

We spent some time this afternoon carving a pumpkin.  Harper has been asking what is inside the pumpkin for about a week.  I think she was a little disappointed and grossed out.
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ward trunk or treat

Tom and I were talking on the way to the church this afternoon and this is the SEVENTH Trunk or Treat we have attended at this ward building.  That is so crazy!

The kids have been looking forward to this all week.  It turns out that Jonah was pretty much just interested in candy and he whined about it during the entire games/food portion at the beginning.  But we all had fun even though it was 90 degrees here today.  It made me so nostalgic for the parties we had at my little ward in Texas.  We played a lot of the same games (cake walk, fishing, etc.) and it was so fun.  I feel so very, very lucky to be a part of our wonderful ward.
Harper was Rapunzel.  She LOVED being told how beautiful she looked all night.
Jonah was Captain American.  Yes, those are pajamas. 
This is Jonah's best friend Dean.  We tried to get a photo of them together but they weren't interested.
Tom was White Trash Batman.
This is Harper with one of her best friends Zoey.  They guys are two peas in a pod.
We got some bubbles
And some cupcakes in the cake walk.
These guys tend to be more interested in frosting than cake.
Harper won a spider ring.
And even got to participate in the pie toss.  They let her basically push the pie into the poor guys face, except that somehow she still missed.  She loved trying though!

visit from Grandma and Grandpa

A couple weeks ago my Mom and Stepdad came down from Utah to see us and go to the Utah/UCLA football game at the Rose Bowl.  We were so excited!
Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa. 
We had fun going out to eat.
 And getting some yummy cream puffs.
 And we were sad that Grandma and Grandpa only got to stay for the weekend.  We are definitely looking forward to seeing them at Christmas!

MIckey's Halloween Party

Way back at the beginning of the month we went to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland.  Like most things at Disneyland, it was a huge ripoff, but we did it anyway.  It did actually end up being a lot of fun.
 The best thing about the Halloween Party is that at 5 o'clock if you don't have a wristband on for the party, you have to leave the park.  We rode all kinds of rides that we have never wanted to wait in line for before.  I actually rode Space Mountain and Splash Mountain (I had never ridden them).  So even though I think the price is ridiculous, it was probably worth it to get to experience those things.  Our annual passes expire next weekend and we aren't renewing them, so it was fun to get to do basically everything
 The kids are really into Winnie the Pooh right now and they were able to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.  Jonah still mentions that he got to hug Tigger.

My favorite part of the whole night was when Harper and I went on Splash Mountain together.  Harper is just barely tall enough to go on it so she and Tom have gone once or twice, but she knew that I hadn't been on it.  The whole time we were heading toward the ride (BTW we had absolutely no wait, we just walked right on) she kept giving me advice about when the drops were going to be and when I should close my eyes.  It was so cute.

I guess we wore the kids out because Jonah was asleep by the time we got on the tram to go home.

phone photo dump

Most of these photos are from Instagram, so if you aren't on Instagram you definitely should be! 
The kids running around in front of Tom's office.
Jonah chilling in his diaper + hat.
Harper's preschool class.

Harper LOVES to do my makeup these days.  She is quite the artist :)
Yes, Jonah is feeding that dinosaur a baby.
Tom on our date night. 

The kids discovered my point and shoot camera and they are OBSESSED with it.
We were driving home from Harper's preschool one day and we saw this bear thing being pulled on a trailer. The kids thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen and they laughed and laughed.  It was pretty weird.
We walked over to the park one day and they were filming Modern Family.  The kid leaning against that red thing is Manny from the show. 
Jonah is in the whale. 
Harper with her new quilt (which isn't quite finished in this photo, but is now).

We have been passing around a cold for the past two weeks.  Harper was hit the worst, but we all had it to some degree.
I think she wrote this on accident, but she did it by herself. 
Waiting for Daddy to get off work.
Me and Harper.  I'm wearing a scarf that I made for my sister for her birthday.
Walking home from Tom's office.  This is our street.  There is seriously ALWAYS someone moving in or out on our street.  
Jonah likes to nap like this after he has made a complete disaster area of his room.

This is how the kids like to fix my hair.  Harper thinks I should wear it like this every day (there are many, many more bows in the back).  I think I took out about 25.

Monday, October 01, 2012

pretty girl

taken on our walk this afternoon