Tuesday, September 22, 2009

17 Months

Harper is now 17 months old. Every day that passes she gets a little more opinionated and a little more strong-willed. People frequently comment to me that, "That girl knows exactly what she wants." We love our little spitfire.
1. Harper loves to blow kisses. She will blow kisses to us, to the checker at the grocery store, or to her favorite toys.
2. She loves to sing. Her current favorites are Popcorn Popping, itsy bitsy spider, and the ABCs. She tries to sing along and do the actions.
3. Harper loves to walk. She wants to walk everywhere and does not want to be told which way to walk. One of her favorite things to do is to go to the mall and walk up and down this ramp about 50 times.
4. She likes to say "hi" to people. We usually walk with Tom to walk and on the way home she usually waves and says "hi" to the people we pass.
5. Because Harper likes to wander away from us when we're walking, we recently bought Harper this little monkey to wear on her back that has a leash attached so we can keep track of her. We don't really use it for that purpose, but Harper loves the monkey. His name is Gilbert.
6. We recently showed her some of my favorite videos from when I was a kid. She LOVES them. Whenever she wants to watch she points at the TV and says, "uh oh."
7. A couple of months ago we found out that Harper has a lot of allergies. The doctor was able to confirm that Harper is allergic to milk, egg whites, soy, and is extremely allergic to peanuts. We will see an allergist at some point to see if she is allergic to anything else. For now we are just trying to find things that she will eat (since she is so picky) but that she is also not allergic to.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harper's Room

We are very slowly unpacking the last of our boxes. Once we had all of the essentials unpacked, I lost motivation so we still have a few half unpacked boxes sitting around the house. Harper's room is the first room to be completely unpacked. Since life has been pretty boring around here lately, I thought I'd post a few photos.
Here's Harper sticking out her tongue. Her hair is getting really long and it's all over the place. I decided that Harper and I would take a walk to the park today. We have been missing all of the playgrounds that our old complex had and have been trying out the nearby parks. Harper refused to go in the sand so I think we'll have to cross this one off the list.