Sunday, July 23, 2006

Caffeine Free Day 7

Well, technically day 6 for me. Tom quit Dr. Pepper a day before I quit Diet Coke. The headaches have (for the most part) subsided and our desire to eat out has taken a hit, but I think we're both feeling better.

If you want to see some of the reasons that we quit (other than the financial reasons), click here: Caffeine
Notice the picture of the spider webs about halfway down the page.

In other news, we definitely have an apartment. We will be moving in August 1st and, once we get the internet, there will be plenty of pictures. Before I forget, here is our contact information in LA:

667 Levering Ave Apt 7
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Tom's cell phone: 801-830-9213
Erica's cell phone: 801-231-3349

We may be changing to 310 numbers sometime in the future, but we will be keeping our 801 numbers for a little while.

Though we can't get into our apartment until the 1st, we will be leaving Provo July 28th and spending a couple days in Bakersfield. We quit our jobs (our last day was Friday) so we have the rest of the week to pack up and visit with family. We'll be BBQ-ing for the 24th of July with my family, taking family pictures and going to dinner with my dad and siblings on Tuesday, and packing like crazy on Wednesday and Thursday.

Considering the fact that we have been experiencing 100+ temperatures for the last couple weeks and we have no air conditioner, we are ready to get the freak out of this place.

Over the last couple weeks we used some expiring movie gift certificates. We saw Lady in the Water (pretty awful), Monster House (which was in 3D and gave us a headache but was hilarious), and Click (a lot better than I thought it would be).

Another contributing factor to our movie-going is probably the fact that we sold our television to contribute to the move-to-California fund. Also, the thing was incredibly heavy and Tom and I can't lift it together. So if anyone wants to contribute to the Tom-and-Erica-need-a-TV fund, we welcome donations.

And to liven things up a bit, here are a couple pictures from the past week. The first is of me intently enjoying our Nintendo and the second is of Tom looking insane before he got his hair chopped off on Friday.

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