Monday, February 19, 2007

holiday weekend

Well, I have been very neglectful about posting so I guess I should say a few things. Life has been very boring. Tom is busy with school and is still doing well although I think his professors are a little more boring than last semester. I am still busy with work which is becoming a little more interesting every week as we take over new departments from the hospital.

I have been attempting to improve my meager cooking skills. It is not going very well, but Tom has been very helpful and supportive.

Los Angeles is still fantastic. It was 90 degrees the other day. Unbelievable. This morning to woke up to rain, which doesn't seem that unusual, but it is the first time it has REALLY rained since we moved here. It was the top story on the news all day.

My little sister, Kara, moved to Denver last week where she is doing a cosmetology apprenticeship. I always figured we would both wander a little ways from home and I'm proud of her for deciding to take this step.

We spent our afternoon in Santa Monica walking up and down the pier and enjoying some Mexican food. Thanks to our student/employee IDs, we can take the Big Blue Bus to the coast for 25 cents.

Anyway, I think that is all the news that I have. Here are a few pictures from our day and one of my new niece just because she's cute.


Melody said...


You are a great cook. I'm sure you'll even get better with practice. Cute pictures! Did you get the birth announcement from Aubrie yet? Hailey is way cute in the pictures. We miss you!


tazjt said...

Hey, Erica! Cooking can get kind of boring, but I'm sure you'll get better - and that you'll enjoy it more.

Erin Clark said...

meager cooking skills, my behind! I'll have you know that your meager cooking ability and I used to make very classy meals not too long ago! I seem to remember you massacre-ing (you're the speller, not me) chicken breasts while I rolled chocolate truffles with my mad skills.

So, there. So I have been thinking about you lately. I just want you to know that I am proud to know you and to have had you in my life.

Love you lots and hope you are doing well,