Friday, July 27, 2007


So no new posts for a while because we haven't had internet at either the old place (where it was canceled) or the new place (where it will get set up this Saturday...yeah!). The only exciting thing that has happened since the last action packed post, other than the still ongoing process of moving, was the annual firm event in Newport Beach, which is where the other Irell and Manella office is. I went down to the Newport office last Thursday to participate in a Mock Trial with most of the summer associates where I helped defend poor old Wyatt Earp who was accused of wrongfully murdering Ike Clanton. The coolest part of the trial was the live video feed of the jury deliberating over the case. It has confirmed my suspicions from my glorious high school debate years that what you may think is important is usually not what the listener focuses on. They put me us up in a nice hotel and then Erica drove down the next day for the festivities, a wild west themed event complete with a bucking bronco...yes that's me trying to ride one. It was a crazy 4.7 seconds.
Anyway, thanks to all those who helped us move! Pictures of our amazingly furnished (by IKEA) apartment and maybe a few interesting photos from the Newport party are on their way. So stay tuned!

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Jan said...

Wow, Tom! This sounds like such fun - and yet somehow I know there was a lot of hard work involved in getting ready for the Mock Trial - as well as the move. Glad ya'll had some down time with the rest of the folks from the firm.

So - how do you like being a lawyer?

Can't wait to see more picture.