Saturday, October 31, 2009


Luckily, Tom and Harper recovered from the swine flu in time for Halloween festivities which was good because we had a lot going on this year.
Yesterday morning we decorated cookies at the musicmakers class that our ward has on Friday morning. Since Harper will rarely try anything new that she hasn't seen come out of a plastic wrapper, I actually had to convince her to try a cookie. But after one bite she was a big fan.
Harper was a skeleton for Halloween this year. I actually made her a ballerina costume which she wouldn't let us put on her, so good thing I got her these skeleton pj's earlier this week as a backup. They glow in the dark.

Last night we went to a Halloween party at Tom's firm. It was really great. We walked around and got candy from different offices and then had a nice dinner. Sadly, I forgot the camera.

Tonight was our ward's trunk or treat. Harper doesn't really understand the whole walk around and get candy idea, she just wanted to eat the candy. Maybe next year. Here she is with her cute little friend Kate playing in a bowl of soup. Kate had the cutest little lawn gnome costume that her mom made.
Now for the best part of Halloween: eating all of Harper's candy :)


Big Davy said...

I don't think I've been paying attention. She is CUTE, and changing a lot!

Morgan Moore said...

The soup is caked on her entire dress! hilarious! So fun to see you as always!


Jan said...

Glad you had the skeleton pjs -- they are really cute! Too bad about the ballerina costume, though. Maybe Harper can use it for playtime?

Rach said...

Harper is looking so grown up! She's adorable.