Saturday, January 23, 2010

busy is ok

Work has been really busy for me lately, which is a good thing. I was kinda slow for a bit in December, which always makes you nervous. Hopefully I can catch up on lost hours fairly soon, but that means I now see even less of Harper and Erica than ever. I'm extremely grateful for my opportunity to be employed and be able to provide for my family. And we still have opportunities to do fun things together. I actually think being busy might be a good thing as far as family activities go. When we had a lot of free time in the past I think the tendency was just to lay around and vegetate. Now we're making more of an effort to make the most of our time together.

As part of that new mantra we decided at the last minute that it would be fun to watch BYU try and continue their basketball win streak. So tonight we are going down to the BYU v. SDSU game in San Diego, which looks to be a lot of fun. We are incredibly blessed and I can't wait to experience all of the fun times we are going to continue to have together as a family.

The real question is, what name should we give this little guy?


kara said...

name him Conan!

Jan said...

Tom, work eats into your time, but that paycheck sure is nice, isn't it? I'm glad you have a good job doing something you enjoy -- it makes all the difference!

As for Spot, I think you and Erica will know what to call him when you see him. You'll come up with a nice name!

Judy said...

Lee (after Harper Lee, Thomas LEEvi Jackman, Harold B. Lee, etc.)

Truman (Capote or Harry S.)

Jude (after his favorite great-aunt, or after Jude Law)

Ken (after the KENison side of the family)

Jack (Makes learning to write his name easier)

Taylor (after his mom's side of the family)

I'm sure ONE of these will work. I only charge a small fee for my services--undying devotion for the rest of your lives.

Melody said...

My vote is Luke Thomas Jackman.

Rach said...

Atticus? Jem? just going with the theme here :)