Thursday, July 15, 2010

at one month old . . .

Jonah is a wonderful napper.  I just swaddle him up and he goes right to sleep.

He is a little dramatic.  He will go from looking around and making cooing noises to screaming at the top of his lungs in the same breath.

He loves taking baths.

He is very observant and enjoys looking around.
He loves to be held.

He loves it when Harper talks to him.  It seems to calm him down.

He tolerates tummy time, which is something that Harper never did. 
Apparently Harper wasn't happy about getting her picture taken.

He is growing very fast and is getting close to outgrowing several of his 0-3 month clothes. 

He is a very happy baby, as long as he has a very full tummy.  That last part is very important.

Sorry about the lack of photos lately, our normal camera is currently out of commission :( but hopefully we will have it back soon.


Angie said...

Wow, Jonah is growing so fast. You have beautiful children.

Jan said...

He and Harper are so cute together! Of course he's particular -- he's already learning from Big Sis! They are so cute together!

Miranda said...

I love those matching pajamas. Where did you get those?

Doris said...

Thanks for the photos. I hope that Harper is getting used to the idea of a little brother, and that Erica is not too tired at the end of the day. Photo #1 taken of the tops of the kids' heads demonstrates clearly that Harper's future is that of a brunette. Either that or time to get the roots touched up!