Monday, August 15, 2011

14 months / 3 yrs 4 months

Jonah is now 14 months!  He has changed a lot in the past few weeks so I want to document what he has been up to.

  • He is very verbal, much more so than Harper was at this age.  He says Mama, Dada, wawa (water), Oooooh (Elmo), no, ball, hi, uh oh, and a couple more things that I am forgetting.  He also does the signs for "more" and "all done" although it usually takes me a minute to figure out what he's doing.
  • His favorite food is chicken tikka masala, but he also really likes enchiladas.
  • He loves to give kisses to everything.
  • Still no interest in walking, though he is cruising around the furniture and he can stand for a few seconds at a time.
  • Loves electronics, particularly the iPad, but also anything with buttons.
  • Finally has two teeth!  He had a rough time teething so I am not looking forward to the rest of them coming in.
  • While he is still a happy baby, he definitely has more crabby moments lately.  I think he gets frustrated when he can't communicate what he wants.
  • Throws lots of little tantrums, which consist of him pouting, whining, and falling to the ground with his head on the floor.  It's so cute I have a hard time not laughing when he does this.
  • Loves to be my shadow and follow me around the house.
  • Harper loves to tell Jonah what to do.  Tonight while we were eating dinner Jonah was playing with his food and Harper kept coming over and saying, "Baby Jonah, eat your dinner."
  • She is getting better about eating new foods, but it seems like every time we get her to eat something new she has an allergic reaction so that has been really frustrating.
  • She loves to paint.  She asks to do this about ten times a day.
  • She loves mint ice cream.
  • She loves to spend time with Tom, and if Jonah gets close while they are playing together, Harper will say, "No, it's my turn."  
  • Insists on having a sippy cup with water by her bed at night.  I only mention this because Tom does the same thing.  These two definitely have a lot in common.
  • She is 90% potty trained.  She still wears a diaper for naps and bedtime.  I pretty much gave up on potty training a few months ago and just waited until she started asking to use the bathroom, so she pretty much potty trained herself.
  • I'm not going to lie, Harper drives us nuts sometimes.  She loves to ignore what we are telling her, steal toys from Jonah, and throw giant fits.  But she can also be very sweet, especially toward Jonah, and she is generally in a good mood.  We just have to keep her very busy.
  • She loves to eat plain Crispix.  She also calls them "hexagons."  
  • Her diet consists mostly of fruit, chicken nuggets, and crackers, but she does eat a lot of fruit so I don't feel too bad. 
  • Occasionally we will pick Tom up from his office at the end of the day.  I usually wait for him in the valet area, and I always tell the valet that I am, "waiting for my husband," so they just wave me through.  The last couple of times we have picked Tom up, I have rolled down the window and Harper has yelled, "She is picking up her husband."  I didn't realize she had picked that up. 


Judy said...

Such cute kids. I love how different they look from each other. There is something around the eyes that is the same, but that's it!

Jan said...

What wonderful children you have! And they are growing up fast. I'm so glad you are documenting everything through your blog!

Melody said...

What a hoot those two are. We really miss them. I feel like we are missing so much because they change so quickly. Thanks for sharing with us!

RT said...

Thanks for the update. Good to know that Tom keeps a sippy cup of water by the bed!