Saturday, September 10, 2011

car shopping

We have been thinking about getting a new car lately.  While we love our Camry, it has a small trunk because of the hybrid battery and with all of us in the car there is no extra room for anyone else.  Since we would like people to be able to visit us, we would like a little more room in the car.  Last weekend we went up to Bakersfield so Tom's Mom could help us with the kids while we did some shopping (thank you!).
We didn't come home with a new car, but we did narrow down our search to a Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer.  After car shopping in the heat we went to Dewar's for some ice cream and to stock up on some Dewar's chews.  
Harper was VERY red from the heat.  She is not made for warm weather.

We have also been enjoying the start of the BYU football season.  Here is one of Tom and Jonah watching the game together last week.
I don't think that he was all that interested in the game, but he adores Tom and is always happy to sit in Tom's lap. 

Last week I took the kids to the Visitor's Center one afternoon.  I feel like we don't take advantage of it enough considering that it is just a few blocks away and it is a fun, free activity for the kids.  
 Harper has recently developed a love for noodles, which she calls "doodles."  Especially spaghetti which she calls "snake doodles."  Here she is attempting to slurp one up.  I am always happy when we find something that she will eat :)

Last year for Christmas my sister Aubrie gave the kids some Zhu Zhu pets.  They love them.  I will set one of them on the floor and Jonah will chase it around for a long time.  Here's a quick clip from the other day.

We did a little more car shopping today and the wheels have been set into motion so hopefully we will be picking up our brand new Ford Explorer sometime this week!


Jan said...

I really loved my Exploder -- I mean, Explorer! At least, I did up until the very end of its life. Great car -- you'll love the extra room!

Kids look great! Glad they were able to get some grandma time!

Denise P said...

whoo hoo... big car family!! Have fun. :-) (And noodles are a big AJ favorite too!)

Doris said...

So, the Explorer won out! Congratulations!