Thursday, January 19, 2012


I haven't been posting much because we haven't been doing much.

Jonah is now 19 months and he is such a little motor mouth.  He is constantly jabbering nonsense, with an occasional word thrown in.  He now says things like I see you, snack, sock, shoe, show, yuck, love you, car, truck, choo choo, up, down, out, etc.  He can probably say 30-40 different words right now and he makes good use of them.

Whenever he sees an open door or something he says "BEEP!" really loud.  At first I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say, but when we close a door and he is in the way we say "beep beep beep" so he will move.  He is constantly saying BEEP and then closing something.

Jonah has taken after his Daddy and loves burritos.
He LOVES Daddy.  In fact he is standing right next to me and when he saw this picture he gasped and yelled "Daddy!"

A couple of weeks ago we went out for Chinese food and discovered that both kids are big fans of orange chicken.  Harper will eat so few foods that it is always exciting to find something new for her to eat, even if it is just a slightly different version of another food she likes.  We told her they were orange chicken nuggets.
Other than that we haven't been doing much.  Tom has been pretty busy at work and the kids and I are headed to Utah next week.

In preparation for the trip I finished this bag the other day.  It involved a lot of bent pins, bloody fingers, and sore shoulders, but it is done and it is huge.  I am excited to take it to Utah, I just hope it doesn't fall apart on the way there!


Melody said...

Cute bag! We are so excited to see you! You were quite the jabbermouth at Jonah's age. And might I add, that you were potty-trained too. What a lucky mom I was!

Judy said...

Love the bag! It definitely does not look homemade. You are amazing!

Angie said...

Great bag! I'd like to see more views. Did you use a pattern?

Erica said...

Thanks! Yes, I used a pattern. It is this pattern: There are a couple more photos on my flickr page:

Jan said...

Hope you enjoy your trip!