Sunday, June 03, 2012

the rest of May (and Jonah's birthday, kind of)

Some how May has disappeared without another blog post, so here is what we have been up to . . .

Tom shaved his beard and left a mustache for a few days.
 We went to the park a lot.  This is Jonah with his friend Dean.
 We celebrated Jonah's birthday.  You might recall that Jonah's birthday isn't for 2 more weeks.  In case you haven't already heard me complain about it (because I have been trying to get sympathy from just about everyone I have talked to for the last few weeks) Tom is going on a work trip and he will be gone for a MONTH.  He leaves on Tuesday.

Tom is wearing Jonah's new BYU cap here.  It is a youth one-size-fits-all and it fits on my toddler's giant head.
The good news is that this is good experience for him.  He has been working on this case for about 2 years and it is going to trial.

Jonah got some really great birthday presents, but somehow I didn't get photos of everything.  I really need to get a photo of Jonah with his new monkey back pack on, it is so cute! This was the big birthday winner, both kids are obsessed with it.
 See how happy they are?
 Jonah also got a smock and some finger paints.  The kids were a little wary about getting their fingers messy, but they warmed up to it.
 We hung onto a couple of things to give Jonah on his actual birthday but we didn't want Tom to miss out on the celebration since he will be gone.

These two are as cute and goofy as ever.  They have recently become very afraid of bugs.  A fly got into our apartment the other day and these guys were scared to death of it.  Good thing we don't live in a place with lots of bugs!

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Jan said...

Glad he enjoyed the gifts!And Harper, too! Can't wait to spend a little time with these two!