Saturday, August 11, 2012

sick girl

We have been changing our diet to try to help Harper's eczema, but she had a major breakout this week.  Her legs were completely covered and she was completely miserable.
Her body just kind of shuts down when she has an episode like this and she needed some extra sleep. Luckily she is doing much better now.

Speaking of Harper, this morning Tom and I were asking her what she wanted to do today.  We asked her about a dozen different times and every time she would respond with "eat breakfast" or "eat a snack" or "eat lunch" or "have a juice with my food."  For a child who doesn't eat very much, she sure does have food on her mind.

The kids and I have been watching the Olympics for a little bit every day.  Jonah didn't seem very impressed by the gymnastics because every time we watched an event he would just say, "What me, I can do that!" and then start jumping around the room.  Silly boy.

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RT said...

I'm glad Harper is better, and I'm glad Jonah believes in himself. After all, I did see him in a Batman video!