Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sick :(

The only news from us as of late is that Tom has been sick. He wasn't feeling well last week (fever of 103+) so we took him to the doctor on Saturday and it turns out that he had an ear infection and strep throat. After that started to clear up on Sunday, he developed some kind of gum virus that turned his tongue green and ate away at the roof of his mouth. He started calling it "The Green Dragon" because it made everything taste disgusting and everything made his mouth sting (even water). At this point we're just considering it to be an effective diet.

The Green Dragon has started to disappear, but of course something else had to go wrong: one of Tom's fillings fell out this afternoon.

The good news is that we're working and I have yet to catch the strep or the Green Dragon (although a couple of our co-workers came down with strep a couple days after Tom did). So right now we're just looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home.

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