Monday, October 30, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction

At times we forget that we aren't in Provo anymore, but then we wake up. Below is some proof that we have left the bubble.

A couple weeks ago Bill Clinton came to UCLA in support of Proposition 87 (some of this speech was made into a commercial which airs regularly) and Tom was able to attend. Bill was almost 90 minutes late, so Tom only got to see the the first 5 minutes of the speech before he had to leave. But at least he got that blurry shot.

Also, we made our way down to Westwood Village this evening to gawk at celebrities at the Stranger than Fiction premiere. There were less people there than we thought there would be, but it was still way cool. Below are several pictures (many of them a little blurry) from both events. It's hard to focus a camera when people are thronging all around you. See if you can guess who they all are.


tazjt said...

Looks like fun! I did recognize a few faces!

tazjt said...

Looks like fun! And I did recognize a few faces!