Sunday, November 05, 2006

Warm November Weekend

Tom and I spent this warm weekend trying to relax before law school gets crazy. The next month is going to leave Tom little time to do anything other than cram and sleep. And probably not much time for sleep. We actually both got new cell phones on Friday (they're the same phone) because we switched to a family cell phone plan, and the phones take decent pictures so I'm going to try to add to the blog more often with pictures taken from my cell phone. Tom changed his phone number to a local number (310-880-5866) and my phone number will stay the same (310-691-9966).

Saturday we went to a nearby outdoor mall and wandered around for a while. I actually wanted to go to The Container Store (which recently opened), they also have an Apple store (which we both enjoy), and while we were there we were starving and decided to eat at the food court (which we didn't expect to be anything special). It was actually the fanciest food court either of us have ever been to. All of the food court places were like nice little restaurants. We ate at a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant. Yum. Anyway, here are a few pictures from my cell phone on Saturday:

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tazjt said...

Works pretty well! And it looks like ya'll have fun!