Thursday, March 08, 2007

more exciting news

After months of stress and several hours of interviews, Tom has a wonderful job for the summer.

The firm is called Irell & Manella and, well, Tom should be writing this because he knows a lot more about it than I do, but it is a really great firm and Tom was REALLY excited after interviewing there earlier this week. One of the best parts about the firm is that it is really close to our apartment:


(the LA temple is on Santa Monica just to the left of Manning Ave. Tom said you can see it from some of the offices at the firm.)

We are very excited (especially since this means we won't have to take out as many loans next year) and a weight has definitely been lifted off of Tom's shoulders :)

p.s. Tom has asked me to mention that we have both been working toward establishing a more healthy lifestyle and since we have moved to LA we have both quit drinking caffeine, Tom has lost about 10 pounds, and I have lost about 7.

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tazjt said...

Great news for both of you! Hopefully you'll both have some time to relax this summer, too, and get ready for fall!