Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, Tom has been on spring break and I have had to work until today because today is apparently a holiday even though I don't know anyone else who had the day off that doesn't work at UCLA. It is Caesar Chavez Day and thank goodness. It was a very long week and it was only four days long.

Despite the fact that I had to work while Tom stayed home, we had a rather enjoyable week. We got invited to dinner twice this week with two wonderfully nice couples in our ward. Both of these couples live in the University owned apartments (The Village) and after seeing the apartments, I think we've decided to move. The apartments are bigger and nicer than ours and they are closer to the other ward members, so I think we're going to give in.

We celebrated Caesar Chavez Day by doing a little apartment cleaning and making snickerdoodles. We don't make cookies very often since our oven is only big enough for a half-cookie sheet, but we are trying to avoid a certain frozen yogurt place in Westwood so we made cookies to satisfy our craving for something sweet. Pinkberry (the frozen yogurt place) is a ridiculously trendy place a few blocks from our apartment. We had avoided it until recently because it usually has a very long line full of teenagers, but the other day as we were walking by the line was pretty short so we decided to try it out. It is really, really good. And overpriced.
Here's Tom with some snickerdoodles (don't worry, he didn't eat ALL of them):

I would also just like to say that it's a good thing we don't have to drive our car very often because I don't think we could afford it. I took this picture on Wednesday and yesterday it was a little higher ($3.39). The national average is $2.64.


tazjt said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to be off work more while Tom was on break - but it sounds like you ended the week on a nice note.

The apartments sound nice - is there a waiting list to get in? I'm assuming (dangerous!) that the apartments are closer and will shorten your daily walks to work and school?

Thanks for the update.....

Erica said...

The apartments are actually much, much further away. Right now I have about a 10 minute walk and Tom has about a 20 minute walk each way. These apartments are about four miles from campus so we would be taking the bus every day and I will no longer be able to come home for lunch :(

Charlotte said...

Hey! Who was the other couple you had dinner with last week?

We loved having you over!

tazjt said...

Told you it was dangerous to assume! You should both qualify for student/employee bus passes - so that should still be great! It would be nice to have a little room to spread out some! Maybe you'd actually have a full-size stove (not that you'd be making snickerdoodles every week!).....

Is there a waiting list? Or do you have a reasonably good chance of moving over the summer?