Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the times, they are a changing

Just when things seem to plateau for a while suddenly your life experiences rapid change. After lamenting that basically everyone in Harper's age group at church has figured out how to be mobile (even babies months younger than Harper can scoot around) she has finally jumped on the bandwagon. The last couple of weeks we knew some kind of mobility was incoming because she has just been stretching more and more to get at objects out of her reach. Towards the end of last week it was getting ridiculous how far she could reach without leaving the spot she was sitting at. She was like Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.

On Sunday she finally had a breakthrough. You'll notice earlier I didn't say crawl, but rather she's figured out how to be mobile. She has always hated tummy time and despite our best efforts to help her enjoy being on her stomach more we finally just accepted that Harper was going to walk before she could crawl. Harper had other plans. Her breakthrough moment involved discovering how to stay indian style (her favorite position) will propelling herself with her right leg. If that sounds amusing, it is. The funny factor continues to go up as she gets more confident about her ability to go from A to B using this method. I caught a little bit of it on film as well as some of the aftermath of what we are looking forward to now that she can move around a bit. Click HERE for a higher quality (we bought that HD camcorder for a reason!) version or just watch the low rez version below.

Harper Can Crawl! from Thomas Jackman on Vimeo.

Harper's other ability that she figured out all of a sudden is how to sit up after being on her stomach. Before she would just cry until we sat her up or if we weren't looking she would flip over onto her back (where she still can't sit up from). Now, she just pulls her feet forward a bit and basically sits down onto her butt. AWESOME! She frequently ends up on her tummy when reaching for stuff so now she can self correct the problem instead of crying to Mommy and Daddy for help.

Another thing we noticed on Sunday was that Harper is FINALLY getting her first tooth. For a while there we were convinced Harper was going to be toothless and immobile until long after she started talking to us. This also explains why she has been such a stinker for the last 11 months. She had that tooth coming in! (Well, I guess it just explains the last day or so) The times, they are a changing!


Samantha said...

When Zara was really little I would look forward to her reaching those milestones, and now I think- next one, maybe I'll be more OK with it taking its time, b/c like you said, life reeeaellly changes when they start crawling, and for me, even more so when she started walking. When she started walking she just BAM started, and wanted to get into everything at least twice as much as she did before. So I say hey, enjoy it. They are only teeny babies for a short time. That said, don't treat your 4 year old like they're 1.5... I hate when people do that.

Angie said...

Look out world! Here comes Harper!

Jan said...

Aw, she's even cuter than ever! Next, she'll be asking for a Kindle so she doesn't have to pull books out all over the place!

mom j said...

If there were HD movies on blogs back in 1955 you might have seen me doing the same thing. My mom used to say that I crawled with one leg, to the point that she thought there was something wrong with one, Harper is just using the well known one-legged approach to crawling...finally. (I was 17 mos old when I started walking.)

John said...

Nice HD resolution!