Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Easter dress

Harper wore her Easter dress to church on Sunday since this week is General Conference. It was SOOOO cute . . . until she spilled juice all over it right before we left for church. But she wore it anyway. I waited until after church to take a picture so Harper was ready for a nap and didn't want to stand still.
This dress has been in our closet for a while. I actually got it at a garage sale for $3 more than a year ago.

I also just wanted to give an update on the last post. Tom has decided he doesn't like Ezra, so I guess that leaves it to Noah or Asher and I am totally undecided. I really appreciate everyone's opinion and will take them into consideration. I have spent lots and lots of time looking at lists and blogs and making my own lists, so it is good to find out how everyone else feels. If anyone has more suggestions, we are open to them but I can't imagine at this point that we would choose something else.

A couple of people commented on Asher reminding them of the book My Name is Asher Lev. I will say, I LOVE that book but the book has nothing to do with why we are considering the name. We live in an area with a fairly large Jewish community in which Asher is not an uncommon name, so I hear it often enough that I don't really associate it with the book. One of the things that I like most about the name is the meaning, which is happy or blessed. And I just think Noah is a great name. I don't think we won't make a final decision until he is born :)


April and Wes said...

My nephew is Asher... and had my sista' not stolen that name that, it def. would have been my boy name. LOVE IT!

betsey said...

Love the Easter dress! So cute!

Miranda said...

Bummer, my favorite was Ezra. Maybe I'll just call him that anyway.

The Thomases said...

What a great find on the Easter dress! Gotta love garage sales!