Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Harper's language skills are increasing at a furious rate. Also, she is obsessed with Finding Nemo, which she calls "fishy" - although this sounds a like more like "wishy." Randomly throughout the day she will say "fishy" over and over again in an attempt to get you to play it for her, which either happens, or you tell her that Nemo is taking a nap or has swam to another ocean. She ponders that for a second and sometimes it works.
Harper is just beginning to say more than one word sentences. This makes her a lot more fun to be around and she definitely enjoys the increased communication skills. For the most part, she still doesn't do more than one word at a time - usually it is just one word demands like "downstairs" or "thirsty." When she does put together a few words it brings about a surprisingly good feeling, even if what she is asking for usually isn't quite as great. It reminds you that you aren't dealing with a puppy and that you have a real little person in your midst. Today at the park, when Erica told Harper that it was time to go home to eat a sandwich for lunch Harper replied, NO! WANTY SNACKS! According to Erica, when they got home Harper ate the sandwich (almond butter and jelly - which is its own precious miracle).


Angie said...

All right, Harper!!!

mom j said...

Sounds like our little girl is eating better these days. Isn't it fun to actually comunicate?

Jan said...

Harper Rocks!