Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy kids

We love how quickly Jonah goes from this:
to this:
He loves being talked to, putting things in his mouth, and holding on tight to toys.  He even started laughing last week and he has the cutest little giggle you've ever heard. 

We've been having a little bit of trouble with Harper hitting Jonah when she wants attention, but other than that she loves him and is always very concerned with where he is and making sure he has lots of toys to play with. 

On Sunday we went to the baby blessing for our friends Sean and Rachel's little boy Dean, who is about a month younger than Jonah. 
Right before we left for church Tom got an email from work and had to stay home :(  The blessing was beautiful and Dean is adorable.  I won't go into details, but Harper and Jonah were both a handful and I'm pretty sure no one in the singles ward is going to ever want to have children, so we spent the rest of Sacrament meeting playing in the nursery.  But here we are before church.  We have the cutest kids in the whole world!


April Celeste Garff said...

Cutest after Liam, that is. I love Jonah's big cheeks! He looks so cute in his Sunday outfit!

Melody said...

They are adorable!

Jan said...

They are both absolutely gorgeous! I'm sorry Tom didn't get to go!

Hope the "hitting" phase passes soon!

Randy said...

We need a "laughing" video! Such gorgeous babies!

Doris said...

Jonah's smile makes me laugh. What a precious picture. Harper seems to be a much happier big sister than you thought she might be.