Saturday, January 15, 2011

7 Months / 33 Months

Jonah is 7 months old today.  We celebrated by making a visit to Cafe Rio in Manhattan Beach.  Jonah loved the Dr. Pepper.
Ok just kidding, it was empty.  But we did have some yummy pork salads and Jonah did eat some mashed up black beans and seemed to enjoy them.  

Now that Jonah is 7 months old he is a great sitter and really enjoys playing on the floor with Harper.  He is also a great roller and rolls and scoots across the floor at a slow pace. 
Lately when Jonah gets upset and wants to be picked up he says, "Ama," which sounds an awful lot like Mama.  It's probably not intentional, but I will take it.

He wants to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.  I know that is a normal baby thing, but Harper never really went through this phase.  Earlier today I put some puffs on his high chair tray.  He is just starting to be able to pick up food and put it in his mouth, and when he succeeded he started laughing hysterically.  It was too cute.  
He LOVES food.  So far, he has happily eaten everything we have given him except for blueberry applesauce.  He doesn't seem to have a preference for fruits or vegetables and gets very excited when he sees his baby spoon because he knows that he gets to eat.

He is still toothless.  Every time he is cranky I think that it must be because he is teething, but no teeth have appeared.
He is still big, but he has been dropping in the percentiles.  He is now in the 70th percentile for weight.  Hopefully that means he will stop outgrowing his clothes so quickly.

Harper will be 33 months in a few days.  She seems so old these days and she is changing so much.

Whenever she sees something that is broken she says, "Uh oh, it's broken.  Better get a new one."  She gets that from Tom.

She loves to sing and constantly surprises me by singing along with a song on the radio.  I better be careful what I listen to!
We are potty training and it is going much better.  I had been giving her chocolate covered raisons as a treat, but now that we have switched to M&Ms she is much more excited about the process.  Right now she can stay dry all day (except for her nap) as long as I constantly ask her if she needs to go potty.

She loves to wear the red shoes we got for her Halloween costume and calls them her "sparkly shoes."  Earlier today Tom told her that princesses always wear sparkly shoes and she said, "Oooh," like this was  a life changing statement.
Harper loves to run around and play with her friends.  The photo below is from our church parking lot where lots of people bring their kids bikes and let them run around for a couple of hours.  This one is Harper on someone else's bike.
She loves to eat canned corn.  Just plain.  In a bowl with a spoon.  She asks for it almost every day.  

She is such a fun girl, even though she can definitely be a stinker sometimes.  She is very friendly and happy most of the time.


RT said...

Thanks for the update on the greatest grandchildren on the planet!

Doris said...

I love your blog---newsy and thoughtful and great pictures.

Jan said...

They are growing up so fast! Thanks for posting all of this information. It really does help those of us who are far away feel like we still get to be part of the kids' lives!

Angie said...

What sweet kids you have. I love to read about them.