Thursday, January 20, 2011


These two are cracking me up
And driving me crazy these days.
Anytime Harper laughs, Jonah will start laughing.  But sometimes when she is crying Jonah thinks that she is laughing, so he starts laughing, which makes Harper really mad.  Also, it amazes me to see these two sit next to each other because Harper isn't that much bigger than Jonah.  

Jonah has discovered his tongue and is constantly sticking it out.   
And Harper is definitely going to need braces.  It looks like she has inherited my crazy crooked teeth and Tom's gap.  


Tom said...

Oh my.

Jan said...

They're already conspiring against you and Tom! And they sure are cute doing it!

Jan said...

The top picture reminds me of two people in a meeting having a sidebar conversation.

Doris said...

Hang on. Maybe the permanent teeth will grow in stratighter. You can always hope. And crooked teeth or not, that is a great smile. (She does look a lot like her Mama.)