Friday, April 22, 2011

3 years old!

Our sweet little girl turned 3 years old today.  She woke up this morning to presents which she insisted on opening while wearing her new princess dress that I made her (don't look too closely, mistakes abound).

Then she helped me make chocolate frosting for her cake.  I don't think she was a huge fan of the cake, but she did love the frosting.
Then we went to the park and spent some time playing.  Poor girl hasn't been feeling 100% and seems to feel especially icky this evening.
We are going to do a little party for her on Tuesday with some of her friends so hopefully she is feeling better by then.

Here are some things about Harper lately:
  • She has a really funny way of describing things that happen to her.  Like if I ask her what she did at the park, she will start to list everything that she did and repeat a lot of the things on and on for several minutes: I went on the swings and the slide and played and climbed and played and went on the swings and played . . . and on and on.

  • She has recently developed a fear of the scary parts of movies and I think she has started to have nightmares.  Poor girl.
  • She tries to negotiate with me.  She will say things like, "Ok, I eat all of my grapes and then have fishies.  Ok."  Ok Harper, that's not how it works.
  • We have made great progress with her eating new foods.  I made spaetzle for dinner a couple of weeks ago and Tom convinced Harper to try it and she loved it.  She will now try a variety of noodle foods (she calls them doodles) and will eat things sometimes if she sees Jonah eating them.
  • She is very bossy.  If she sees Jonah reaching for something that he isn't supposed to have (or if it is something Harper doesn't want him to have) she will take it away and tell Jonah, "No no, baby."
  • When she describes something that she has done she will say that she either did it like a princess or like a big girl.
  • Every time I go into the kitchen she asks what I am doing, then proclaims that she wants to help me.  She drags her stool across the kitchen, climbs on top of it, and says, "I be very careful." 
Ok, I'm tired and that's all I can think of right now.  But I have been holding back photos so I could include them in this post so here they are.
If you can't tell from this photo, she is about to do a summersault.


Doris said...

That little girl is sure growing up.
You do a great job blogging! Congrats on sewing a costume...great way to learn. Watch the mail--dress patterns on the way.

Jan said...

Great post, Erica! Can't believe she is 3 already! I love the pictures. And I also appreciate your blog. It helps me feel like I'm in touch with you, Tom and the kids!

Hope she liked her gifts!

kay.tee. said...

Tell her that I'm going to come visit next January and run a half marathon "like a princess." But be prepared, I might ask you to sew me a dress too.

RT said...

"She tries to negotiate with me. She will say things like, "Ok, I eat all of my grapes and then have fishies. Ok." Ok Harper, that's not how it works."

I seem to remember a little girl, caught on tape, saying "Mommy say pop!"