Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harper's birthday party

We had a very small little birthday party yesterday for Harper at Roxbury park.  Since the park is just a few blocks from Tom's office he was able to be there for part of the party.
Harper was so excited to have cake and see her friends.  Several of them were able to come and we had a good time sitting around eating cake and playing at the playground.
Jonah also had a friend there.
We had a giant chocolate cake so after everyone had a piece (or two) we let the kids have at it.  It started innocently enough.
And quickly turned into this:
You can see from the photo that the candles were never lit.  It was extremely windy at the park and we couldn't keep the match going long enough to light the candles.

Harper had a great time and keeps talking about her birthday party and playing with her friends.  I am so glad that we were able to do something for her turning 3 and we are very grateful to our friends for being there :)


betsey said...

I love all these familiar and wonderful faces! What a great group of friends for Harper (and for you!)

I had to laugh about Tom being able to drop in for part of the party. It is all too familiar. On a Saturday we had a little party for Calvin's first birthday. The partner Richard was working with acting all magnanimous that he allowed Richard an hour free to eat cake with Cal. Lawyers...

I wish we lived closer to commiserate/whine more about our husband's work :)

Jan said...

Looks like you all had a good time! I'm so glad!

Doris said...

Small things mean so much to little children. You are a wonderful Mom.

Bob said...

Looks like birthday cake heaven when you can grab a piece with your fist or take your tongue and take a big lick.