Sunday, April 01, 2012

Lately . . .

We finally cleaned off our balcony and the kids have been having lots of fun running around.
 We went to our friend Zoey's birthday party.  This little man loves cupcakes.
 Tom and I celebrated our 6th anniversary.  Of course that deserves its own post but if I put it off it may never happen.  We had a really great anniversary, starting with Hunger Games + The Counter on Friday night, Clementines for breakfast + Yogurtland + shopping on Saturday, and church and then watching a Megamind as a family on Sunday.  And also these BEAUTIFUL flowers showed up.
Yesterday we picked up these guys from the airport and they will be spending the next week with us.  Harper is heaven!
 Jonah really likes to put on Tom's shoes and walk around the house.  He is so sweet, I love that little smile!

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