Friday, February 22, 2013

Petersen Automotive Museum

On Saturday we drove over to the Petersen Automotive Museum.  Since Tom has been really busy at work lately, we have been trying to do more activities so that we make sure that he gets some quality family time.

The museum was fun, though Jonah was disappointed that he didn't get to climb in the cars.
The big highlight of the museum was seeing the batmobile and costume from one of the Batman movies.  Jonah was in awe.
 The top floor of the museum is a kids area.
 They have a ramp where you can race Hotwheels.
The kids were thrilled that we let them pick out a little car in the giftshop at the end of the museum.  They haven't slept without them all week.

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ElderP said...

Very cool. I saw that museum once on a Huell Howser video. Once day I want to see if we can visit it.