Sunday, February 03, 2013

New bikes

Our kids get a little bike deprived.  We don't have a yard and our street is a giant hill with a horrendously bumpy sidewalk, so it takes a lot of effort to have bike riding time.  We have a tricycle that Harper has outgrown and that Jonah has yet to grow into, so we decided that our kids needed some new bikes to motivate us.

We have had limited success finding places to ride their bikes (other than the church parking lot, which is kind of a hill itself) so we decided to take them with us when we went to visit Tom's parents last weekend.
The kids loved being able to ride around in their cul-de-sac.  When we got back they wanted to know if they could ride their bikes on our street.  No way!

Harper has tipped her bike a couple of times and is a little nervous about riding it.  But as long as she goes pretty slow and never goes anywhere near a hill, she is happy.
We got Jonah a balance bike.  He is a little short for his age (Harper was at this age too) so this way he doesn't have peddles that he needs to reach.  He is quite pleased.
The dogs came out to watch the biking.
Jonah may be a little short, but his head definitely isn't small.  We had to buy him a helmet for the 5+ year olds.  It is the only size that would fit on his head, but it doesn't quite fit right (you can see here that it is sliding back).
We have since discovered a park with a great trail for biking so hopefully these will get lots of use :)


RT said...
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RT said...

Love these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

Looks like fun!