Sunday, April 28, 2013

utah trip

Earlier this year we found out that my sister Kara was going to be in Salt Lake during Harper's spring break, so we thought that was a good excuse to head up there for a week.

When we got to my Mom's house, my grandparents were there so we got to spend a little time with them.  My Grandma got on the floor and played cars with Jonah for about an hour.  He was in heaven.
Since I wasn't going to be able to spend much time with my brother and his wife since they both work and Chase goes to school, we met them for breakfast at Kneader's.  I love that place.
my Mom and Harper
Makay and Chase
Afterward we were able to go to the brand new Natural History Museum at the University of Utah.  It is GORGEOUS and I highly recommend it.  So do the kids.
She was having fun even though you can't tell
digging for dinosaur bones
Jonah was in awe of the dinosaurs 
he is such a ham
but so cute 
My Mom got the kids some glow sticks from the gift shop
On Friday we drove down to Provo to pick up my sister from her dorm.  She lives in the new Heritage dorms and they are SO MUCH nicer than the old Heritage dorms.  The kids picked out some new hats from the BYU Bookstore and have been wearing them constantly.
 On Saturday the kids' cousins came over for an Easter egg hunt and some egg dying.
and some cupcakes too
When I booked the trip I didn't realize that we would be there for Easter Sunday, but the kids had fun going to Grandma's ward in their new Easter clothes.  Someone didn't cooperate for a photo.
We miss everyone and wish we lived closer, thank goodness for facetime and skype!

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Melody said...

Love the pictures! That was a great week. We love and miss all of you! Please come back soon!