Friday, December 15, 2006

end of semester

Well, not quite. Tom has one more final on Monday. He is pretty much in agony at this point trying to prepare since he has been taking finals for close to three weeks. We're not sure when he will receive his grades, but I am very proud of how hard he has been working and how much he has learned. Also. . . . Tom's birthday is this Wednesday. He is so old. Practically ancient. Twenty-four.

We are planning to spend Christmas in Utah. We will be leaving LA on Saturday morning and will spend a few family-filled days in the Salt Lake area. I imagine that we will need to dig our coats out of storage since the temperature hasn't dipped much under 60 since we've been here. New Years, on the other hand, will probably be spent wandering around Westwood. Since all new UCLA employees are on probation for their first 6 months and can't take vacation days, we have to hurry home. Though while we are there, my sister Aubrie (who is about eight and a half months pregnant) may add a new member to the family. It could be a very exciting, short little trip.

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