Monday, April 02, 2007


Last night Tom and I watched the Discovery Channel's Planet Earth. It was amazing. We watched the episode that was about deserts. I would definitely recommend that you all watch it if you get the opportunity.

Over the last couple months I have become obsessed with podcasts. I basically listen to them (or audio books or music) for the entire time that I am work almost every day. Recently, I have become a little frustrated with my job because we have been short-staffed and I'm under some stress to compensate for the missing employees, so I have been more reliant on the podcasts to help me get through the day. Here are my current favorites:

NPR Talk of the Nation
NPR Wait, Wait don't tell me
This American Life (Thank you Betsey, it's wonderful)
KCRW's Left, Right, and Center
ABC World News
Brain Food
French Vibes
Grammar Girl
NPR Business Story of the Day
Time Business Podcast
NPR Economy
NPR Environment
as well as a few others that I listen to occasionally . . .

The good news is that the podcasts save the day. Does anyone have any other podcasts that they they enjoy? I like podcasts that are at least 30 minutes long so I don't have to switch back and forth. I'm sure things will get better at work as my boss hires new employees, but until then . . . it's really not that bad, I just like to complain.

I got some really cute pictures of my niece Hailey today, here is one of them:


tazjt said...

Podcasts are great! The three I listen to are usually longer than 30 minutes.....

* (Harry Potter)
*Grey's Anatomy (don't remember the URL - but you can get it from


Betsey said...

Your niece is so cute! I'm really glad you like This American Life. It is so good...I have a little crush on Ira Glass (the host).

Hope your week is going well...can you believe it is only Tuesday?!?

Brent said...

Miranda and I have stared watching Planet Earth. It is amazing stuff.