Thursday, May 03, 2007

30 Rock is Amazing

It is Thursday evening and I am sitting here (watching The Office) wishing that 30 Rock hadn't wrapped up season one last week. 30 Rock is our favorite show. It seems like every favorite show I have ever had has been canceled prematurely. 30 Rock hasn't been canceled, in fact I think that they have guaranteed a second season, but I have heard this before. The ratings are pretty low and I keep hearing rumors that it is going to be canceled. It even took a brief hiatus in the middle of the season.

My first favorite show was My S0-Called Life. In middle school I was obsessed with My So-Called Life. I was in love with Jordan Catalano and I wanted to be Angela Chase. For some reason, I'm still not exactly sure why, my mom did not want me to watch this show. I think it was because it was on MTV, so I would watch it whenever she was gone and since MTV plays every episode of every show over and over again so I eventually saw them all (I now have them on DVD). Then it was Freaks and Geeks. This show was phenomenal. I was/am definitely a of a geek. And I was/am a bit of a freak. This show was great because the main character (Lindsay, who is now on ER) went from being a freak to hanging out with the cool people. It was an inspiration. . . . until it got canceled. What was next. . . oh yes, the best show of them all, Arrested Development. The ending of this show was absolutely tragic. The great (and the terrible) thing about this show was that each episode built on the previous episode so the show got progressively more and more funny. So if you missed an episode or you tried to start watching halfway through the season, you missed all of the inside jokes. At this point I think I've seen all three seasons three times (I know, it's pretty pathetic, but each time it got funnier and funnier).

The really tragic thing is that some of the best episodes were at the end when the show made fun of itself for getting canceled. Oh, I miss it. And now we have 30 Rock. It's a little like Arrested Development, a little SNL, and it has got to be the funniest show on television right now.

Anyway, there's not much going on with us right now. Tom took his first final yesterday. He thinks that it went pretty well but since the class is on a curve, we won't know for a few weeks. . . .


Jan said...

I haven't watched any of these shows, so I'll have to add them to my Blockbuster list.

Promise me you'll watch Veronica Mars! There is a good chance it won't be back now that Gilmore Girls has been cancelled!

Thursday night is a big TV night for me!

Kimber said...

Hey, can I borrow My so-called Life?