Sunday, April 29, 2007

Festival of Books

Tom took a break from finals-studying this weekend so that we could wander around the LA Times Festival of Books on campus. Last year right before we went on our honeymoon we spent some time on UCLA campus before our plane left and it was when they were cleaning up from the Festival of Books so this event was a little sentimental to us. It was VERY hot on Saturday, but it was fun to walk around and look at all of the booths and all of the crazy people. Anyway, finals will be over in a couple weeks, but until then life will probably be pretty boring. Here are a few pictures from this weekend:


Jan said...

The real question is: what did you buy?

And if you didn't - how to you have the discipline to be around that many books without buying???!!!

Erica said...

We didn't buy anything. It was difficult; there were books everywhere, but the fact that we have no money helped us resist.