Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad, stepdad, and father-in-law. You are all wonderful and we love and miss you all very much. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tom and I got back from Mammoth earlier this afternoon. We went with the firm and had a pretty great time. It was really great to get to know some of the people that Tom works with and they were all really nice. We went up Thursday morning (the firm rented SUVs and minivans) and after a five hour drive, we arrived at these cute little condos where we shared a three bedroom condo with two other couples who were both really nice.

On Thursday we just kind of got settled in and then went to dinner at the Chart House with the entire group of people. It was a little disappointing because they gave us a very limited menu since our group was so large, though I actually had some really great salmon. On Friday we got up and walked around the town for a few hours and then went to lunch with a couple of other couples.
Then Tom went swimming and I rested for a while and saw Oceans 13 at the local movie theater before we went to dinner at this place called Whiskey Creek which was pretty fantastic. On Saturday Tom and I rented bikes and discovered something that we already know: we are both in terrible shape. But it was fun.
Later that afternoon we attended a group activity where we went fly fishing. Honestly, this wasn't the most fun I have ever had. It was hot and windy and pretty boring, but now we have been fly fishing. And Tom even had a couple of fish bite his line.
We got up this morning and left pretty early. I feel pretty bad because the guy who drove us back got a pretty nasty speeding ticket a couple hours after we left. But we are home and will be back to our regular schedule tomorrow.

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Jan said...

Sounds fun!

I have a question, though.... How can you be in terrible shape with all of the walking you do every day????

Hmmmm. Maybe I'll swing by Chipotle's on the - oops, sorry.....