Saturday, June 02, 2007

night out on the town part 2

Wow, we do so many more interesting things when we have someone else footing the bill. Last night we enjoyed some more festivities thanks to Tom's firm. Here's a quick summary of our last 24 hours (sorry, no pictures, things were pretty hectic):

Last night after work we went to West Hollywood to go to dinner with some people from the firm. Irell puts a lot of emphasis on these dinners so that summer associates can get to know some of the attorneys and luckily, I get to tag along. We ate at a ridiculously overpriced place called Katana which was unlike anything I've ever had. They have sushi and some other dishes, but their main focus is called Robata which are basically just grilled kebobs. Despite the fact that it was overpriced, it was pretty delicious. We had grilled asparagus, kobe beef, shrimp, prawns, and a few things that I had never heard of. I'm looking forward to future free dinners :)

Afterwards we went to a summer associate event which was at the House of Blues in West Hollywood (it was across the street from Katana). It was nice to meet Tom's mentor and some of his co-workers, though I think most people were there for the open bar. Probably the most interesting part of the House of Blues experience was that as we were leaving we were waiting to go down the elevator, and security made us leave the hallway. We were a little confused, but then we saw Courtney Love get out the elevator.

Then today we went to our stake temple day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LA temple. We were (of course) a little late, but it was very enjoyable and it was great to hear a little about the history of the temple especially since my maternal grandparents were married there 49 (I think) years ago.


Jan said...

Sounds like fun....... What was House of Blues like?

aSHleY said...

Law School is where it is at. You get paid and you get to do all kinds of fun stuff like this. I love hearing about all of your fun outings.

Brent said...

I didn't realize Courtney Love was still considered a "celebrity". I guess that shows my age.