Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On The Spot

Long story short, one of Irell's (the firm I'm working for this summer) clients is Mark Burnett, of reality TV fame. This is the guy who created Survivor and several subsequent reality TV shows. His latest creation is called "On The Lot", which is essentially a competition between a bunch of aspiring directors. At this point in the show everything is run American Idol style. The contestants make a new short film every week, and people are then voted off (or on I guess) the show by "AMERICA" (or whoever actually votes). Ok, so that wasn't so short, but the good part of the story is that one of the associates at Irell who works on Mark's stuff is giving us some VIP passes to attend the live taping of the show tonight. The VIP thing just means we get a good parking space and some munchies before the show starts. SO TUNE IN. And you might see me-for like a nano second.


brjphoto said...

So it tapes tonight, but when does it air?

Jan said...

Good question, brjphoto! Any idea when it will be on, Tom?

I got to hear Mark Burnett give a speech last summer when I attended a conference in Vancouver. He's really a fascinating guy!

I'm not much on reality TV, though. I have enough reality on a day-to-day basis without seeing it for entertainment! Would make an exception to see Tom, though!

Tom said...

It was a live show on the east coast and a 3 hour delay for the west coast. So 8pm both places.