Sunday, March 08, 2009

a visit

My two sisters came to visit last Tuesday with their super cute children (it runs in the family). They went to Disneyland on Monday and then they came up to LA on Tuesday to hang with us. We decided to go pay a visit to Griffith Park since we have never been there. Our first stop took us a little pony ride shindig they have there.

This is my niece Mia holding on for dear life.

This is Wyatt, Mia, and Ryan (my sister Robyn's children).

The rest of us were content to watch from the sidelines.

After that we went to a park inside the Park called Shane's Inspiration. It is a fairly large children's play area that is designed for children of all abilities to be able to play and have fun.

The see saw was a big hit.

As was the tire swing - also, this Ryan is very photogenic I'm realizing... (my sister Robyn is on the left there)

AJ - My sister Denise's special bundle of joy.

The Dynamic Duo

Wyatt with his intense stare

Afterward we ate lunch at this cool restaurant in Burbank called Porto's Bakery. They have loads of sandwiches and baked goods to choose from, all at very reasonable prices. It was a ton of fun. We then headed back to our apartment where some Wii Sports was played. This is Ryan kicking my trash at Boxing.

Thanks for making the trip to see us Denise and John and Robyn and Don as well as my parents! We need to get together more often! Now if we could get Brent and Miranda to come down here...


Jan said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun!

Carlsens said...

We sure had a ton of fun - thanks for hosting us! We hope to make it over there again soon...

Mom J said...

FYI: Mia kept her feet up while on the horse because she was worried that they might get soiled by some natural bowel or bladder action on the part of the horse. Cute!