Friday, July 10, 2009

You’ll never guess the subject of this post

So we have this daughter named Harper.  Its been awhile since we posted some videos of her so I thought we would do that. 

Harper is a big talker but she doesn’t really speak any words anyone can understand yet.  However, her understanding of our words is growing at leaps and bounds.  The first video illustrates her growing vocabulary, as well as her continued love of the swings.


Harper can communicate in many ways, just not with the spoken word, e.g., pointing, screaming, grunting, etc.  Her latest (to our consternation) is the head shake.  Any suggestion that Harper doesn’t like is met with a stern head shaking.  I’m not sure where she picked this up.  Don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor in this video.  One of these days I’ll record a full on temper tantrum, complete with ear piercing screams and stretched out arms in the air, slack bodied “pick Harper up resistance.”


Jan said...

I would have guessed Harper - except the title of the post threw me!

She is a wonderful subject - I never get tired of hearing about her or seeing her pictures!

mom j said...

Ahhhh! The joys of parenthood!

The Thomases said...

So cute!! This is such a fun time of parenthood.