Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of our Utah trip and Harper's first haircut

We made it home and Harper has been so happy to see Tom. She has given him non-stop hugs since we got home. Here are the photos from the last couple days of our trip.

This is Harper pretending to be asleep on the floor. She thinks that this is hilarious, but she doesn't understand that she is supposed to close her eyes. Harper got her first haircut. It doesn't look much different, just a little less like a mullet. Thanks Kara!Yesterday we all went to breakfast with my brother, Tyson, who I hadn't seen since he got home from his mission. Harper was very happy with some of these delicious chocolate-chip pancakes.My Mom and Harper.Tyson and Kara.Kara and Carly.Harper, Kelly, Kara, and Carly.My Mom and Kara. How did Kara end up in almost all of the pictures?Kara pushing Harper on the swing.My Mom and Harper playing with blocks.It's good to be home but we had a great time in Utah and miss everyone already!


Melody said...

We miss you too! I keep thinking I have to be quiet in the mornings, then I remember Harper isn't there. Thanks for the fun memories while you were here. We love you!


The Thomases said...

Harper's haircut looks so good! I can't believe how long it's getting!